INDIA | BIHAR – YJM Ministry Partner – ACCI Outreach in Khagaria

Pastor Paul Sundar Raj has sent the following letter of appreciation and Christmas and New Year greetings from his team at Khagaria, Bihar.

To God be the Glory.
Beloved Pastors, Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,
We present our loving, hearty wishes in the mighty, everlasting name of Jesus Christ.
We wish you A Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year – 2018

We are here to do the Heavenly Kingdom’s everlasting King of King’s and the Lord of Lord’s ministry. Even though we are in this field at the very first row, we can clearly say that definitely our Lord’s protective and blessful hands are laid on us only by His pure grace and by your earnest prayers, support and motivation from New Zealand and other places also. We praise God for all His goodness and abundant grace.

As it is written in II Cor.– 2:14, 15

Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place. For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish

We are spreading the fragrance of the Gospel, not only by our own strength but also by your intention and supports. God knows your longing hearts that even the people of Bihar also should not perish so that gradually the people of Khagaria – district (Bihar) are moving towards the everlasting light.

All the glory, honor & thanks be to God forever and ever.

As it is written in I Cor. – 16:23, 24

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. Our love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen.”

I (Paul Sundar Raj) your loving brother, with my team members wish you and thank you for your everlasting co-operation and love.

God’s name alone be glorified forever.
Thanking you
Yours in Christ

Paul Sundar Raj
for Missionaries, Teachers & Believers

He also sent the following report and their goals for 2018.
Please thank the Lord for what has been achieved in the past year and pray regularly for their ministries and personnel and believers in 2018.



Dear and near in Christ Jesus, in His Holy and Precious Name, from long distance, we the Missionaries and Teachers wish you a Happy New Year 2018.

  • By the grace of our Almighty God, in this year 80 persons were baptized.
  • 15 prayer cells were started in this year and 5 more prayers cells were conducted newly
  • 300,000 tracts and 85,000 New Testaments were distributed.
  • The church construction work in Baliya and Parbatta was completed & two churches were dedicated.
  • In Rajakpur the Church compound wall construction work was completed in this year and pray for the church construction work there
  • 3 persons were sent for Bible training to GEMS Bible school.
  • Ramesh, Br. Saurav and Br. Arputharaj joined in our mission as pastors.
  • In this year Ramesh & Sis. Rani got married (both have handicaps and tare servants of God doing His glorious ministry.
  • Around 2,000 children attended VBS and we shared the gospel.
  • 17 children were dedicated for the kingdom of God.
  • Annual conventions and prayer camps, Family conference, Youth meetings and special gospel meetings were also conducted.
  • 250 new believers joined our Churches.
  • 114 members have completed one-year Tailoring course. They have received their certificates.
  • A new tailoring centre started in
  • By the God’s grace we have bought a land, for a church in Allouli, Please pray for its registration work. There are some problems to get the land’s registration.
  • In this year we have planned to meet the 20 main officers in our Khagaria District to share the good news on the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • In Khagaria district’s central jail we have shared the Gospel to 400 prisoners
  • In this year’s Board exam – Year 10 results, all the class students are passed and 18 students have taken full marks (10 CGPA) by the grace of our Everlasting Father.
  • Pastor Shatrugan with his family is doing the ministry in Karuvamodu village, there, unfortunately, some of the villagers are opposing him and the Gospel. At present days the believers of the church are trembling due to the strong opposition even though they are attending the church regularly. Remember them in your prayers and pray for that village  The satanic plans should be destroyed and there should be a church by the Grace of God.
  • In this year 125 village shared gospel in carol service

Our New Tasks For The Year – 2018

  • To make 400 believers and to baptize 150 members
  • To buy land at least in 3 fields and to complete the land registration
  • To dedicate 2 churches
  • To buy 2 buses for school children and begin the school buildings construction work
  • To send 5 persons to get Bible Training
  • To show the Gospel film (Jesus Christ) in Khagaria central jail for 700 victims & to share the gospel to 50 officials.
  • To open 2 Tailoring schools in 2 new places to teach the gospel along with tailoring
  • To issue the tailoring course completion certificate
  • To start 20 prayer cells, to conduct Special youth campus, family meetings, Area Convention and Annual Fasting Prayer camps
  • To conduct 2 days special Bible Study in every church
  • To distribute 100,000 New Testaments and 400,000 Tracts
  • To fulfil the plan of buying 2 bikes for 2 pastors
  • To share the gospel in colleges, Hospital, offices and schools.
  • To get strangers (speakers), 250 full bibles, PA system and some ministry related equipment.
  • To get sufficient dedicated, pious South Indian teachers throughout the year
  • To build and complete the school building to get recognition
  • To begin 3 church services in different places.
  • To conduct VBS for 2,000
  • To share the experience of salvation among politicians, Poojaries (Hindu preachers), Naxalites and terrorists
  • To join two pastors in our ministry.
  • To develop the ministry, we need 2 persons for part-time ministry workers.
  • To share the gospel in 150 villages through the carol service during the Christmas.