INDIA | Baptisms in the churches of the Advent Christian Conference of India’s churches

Please thank the Lord for the Pastors and Bible Women of the ACCI who serve the Lord in sincerity and truth, and are dedicated to sharing the message of God’s love and His plan of salvation with all who are in the darkness of their sin. God has brought blessing to many in recent weeks, as baptisms have been celebrated in several of the Conference’s churches. Yesuway Jeevan Mission is always pleased to provide a new Bible for all those who follow their Lord through the waters of baptism.


The ACCI church at Old Pallavaram is one of the older Conference churches. Its membership currently stands at more than 1,000, with 280 families on the membership roll. Rev. Charles Ebenezer (pictured below left) is the current pastor.

YJM team member Raja recently attended a baptismal service at which 19 new members were baptised and welcomed into fellowship, and he was pleased to present each of them with a Bible.

Pastor John Wesley (pictured below) is the Pastor at the church at Pudupakkam, which presently has around 350 members, with about 80 families registered on their roll. YJM was pleased to present Bibles to four new members of the great, worldwide family of God following their baptism

In addition to these two churches, 11 Bibles were given to Rev. Jeevakiruban, pastor of the church at Vengaivasal, and 10 were given to Rev. Paul Stenny who pastors the church at Zamin Pallavaram.

The YJM team was very pleased to be busy delivering 44 Bibles for newly baptised member in a single week! Please pray that those recently baptised will grow in their faith and in their personal experience of their Saviour, and pray that their brothers and sisters in the Lord will encourage and support them.

Rev.Gnana Prasad is ACCI’s Director for Ministry in Nearby States and is requesting us to supply New Testaments in the languages of Telegu, which is the primary language of the State of Andhra Pradesh, and Malayalam which is the primary language of the Kerala State. Please pray for YJM’s team as we look for funds to assist the ACCI with their outreach ministry.