ADVENT CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE OF MYANMAR leaders care for orphans and underprivileged children.

Pastor Joseph, the leader of The Word Mission and one of the leaders of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, has sent up to date information and pictures of some of the 75 children that his team cares for at their compound on the outskirts of Yangon. The children he cares for come from ten different tribal areas in various parts of the country – there are children from the Mara, Wa, Daichin, Akham, Lahu, Chin Pum, Zu Tu, Le Tu, Asochin and Kachin tribes which live in 5 different States or Divisions within the country.

Last year he sent the following pertinent information:

“This orphanage home is opened mainly for orphans. This is a place where the hopeless orphans find hope, parentless children find parents and family care, and illiterate orphans will become literate and educated.

  1. Purpose

To share with the children the answer to the eternal need of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the building up of the Body of Christ. To reduce poverty, illiteracy and instability.

  1. Vision

To uplift the children in the realms of their education and social, spiritual and physical lives.

To help them reach their destinies. To give them some practical training to support themselves in the future.

  1. Why they are coming to The Word Mission?


  1. Parents died
  2. Divorced parents
  3. Poverty
  4. Educational needs
  5. Their parents’ inability to work due to physical infirmities
  6. Imprisoned Parents
  7. Their parents have abandoned them
  8. Illiteracy
  9. Social life of the community

What is The Word Mission doing for their future?

  1. We care for their needs
  2. We support them for their education
  3. We try to help them reach their destiny in some ways.
  4. We give them some practical training to support themselves in the future.

Our work is teaching the children about the salvation of Jesus and the Bible; helping to feed and clothe them, along with assisting the child with school and anything that they need including medical needs. This gives the child an opportunity to be introduced to a local Bible preaching church where they can also grow spiritually in Christ.

Please pray for them.”

The funds we send them help provide the children with food, school fees and uniforms, school books and stationery, medical care and everything else that the children need – these children come to Brother Joseph, and to the other ACCM leaders who also care for orphan children, with literally nothing! The Mission also has to pay a four-monthly fee to the “Quarter Leader” which covers the cost of security, fire security, building and rebuilding roads and other infrastructure in the village in which their compound is located, and for funerals.

Joseph reminds us that “Our ministry makes a difference in the children’s lives… By this way we are reaching unreached people groups in Myanmar. Through these children we can win many souls for the Lord.”

Pictures of some of the children cared for at the moment

Pastor Timothy, leader of the Advent Christian Church of Myanmar,  has also sent details and pictures of some of the children his organisation cares for.

“41 orphans are staying in out orphanage homes. We support them for all their needs – food, clothes school costs, health and other needs. We have 56 orphans but 15 are staying with relatives and friends – we can support them only for their school costs.

Myanmar has many orphans – the reason is more than 60 years civil war, so caring for orphans is one of our mission works.

Our visions as follows:
1. To know Jesus Christ. If they have Jesus Christ their future will be bright.
2. To help their education.
3.  To build them up [to be] good leaders.

Thank you for your support and prayer.

Photos captioned below

Door of Hope Orphanage

Keturah is an excellent student in 11th grade. She got 2nd prize in her class (50 students).

Lai Sung Khun, my youngest daughter is in 8th grade – she got all A’s in exams.















Other children home. A big tree topples down on orphan boys’ house”


Pease thank the Lord for the commitment of all four of the leaders of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, and pray regularly for them and their families and for these precious young lives which they care for so well. Pray also that the Lord will provide the necessary funds for the care of the 294 orphans or disadvantaged children that they care for between them.