Pastor Timothy recently advised that he had visited his church in his home town of Hakha City, in the Chin State, and visited land which he owns there.

He is very pleased as “a big new road is crossing in front of my land. God prepares good land for His kingdom.”

Whilst he was there he planted a number of pear trees on his land.

He has later advised that the school in Yangon that he runs after normal school hours for disadvantaged children whose families cannot afford to send their children to state schools, has been inundated by the rains – it is the rainy season in Myanmar at present. He wrote…

“Our Doors of Hope teaching place is full water and students are walking in the water every day. So I am trying to do a concrete way at farm. Please pray for the cost of this path.”


Pastor Timothy’s Yangon church celebrated its 17th anniversary on Wed 19 July 2017. He wrote…

“We thank God for our home Church’s 17 yrs anniversary service. God is leading us wonderfully.
Our president Kenneth and his wife came to the service, 3 American friends also participated
the service.”