Thank you for your prayers for Maeo, Brother Boontaa, Ploy, Parn, Lita, Job, Kaew and Guitar at CMN.

God is bringing blessing in increased numbers because of their service and your prayers. What is really encouraging and exciting is the increase in the number of adults attending the Sunday morning worship services.

This week’s Facebook post has the following comment about Sunday’s service

Today was a wonderful Sunday. There’re 33 people, 19 children and 14 adults. we got a new student and our children is not too much naughty. We worship and listen Bible’s story from Uncle Boontaa. The lunch was very delicious!! Thank you Dtee who cook the lunch. In the afternoon, children were studying English and preparing some special song for next week. Thank you God for today.”

After lunch, the team took their SOUP of LOVE to another village. All who receive the soup are also given a Gospel tract. Their Facebook post was as follows…

“We went to Lao Ba Da village. It’s far from the CMN – about 34 km. We went to visit our new believer (It’s a little bit hard to go to her home but we’re very happy to get fun on the way to there) and gave Soup of Love to the villagers, then we gave senior food to 2 seniors in the village. This is the first time that we went to give Soup of Love in this village, Lao Ba Da is rather big, many people were excited to get Soup of Love (God’s love) Our church’s uniform is beautiful green today. Boontaa’s family were there with us too! Thank you God that you let us see a very beautiful rainbow on the way home. Today was a wonderful day for all of us. We are very happy. God bless you.”

A lovely reminder of God’s faithfulness and promises!