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Pray for safety | Philippines

Please pray for the folk at Oro Bible College and the pastors and members of the Advent Christian churches on Mindanao – for safety for them and their properties.

A group of Islamic militants, purporting to be linked to ISIS, has in the last few days taken over large parts of Marawi City, which is about two hours drive south-west from Cagayan de Oro. They have taken over and burnt bridges and buildings, including a hospital, two jails from which they have freed scores of prisoners, a church and a Christian college. Reports indicate that they have taken teachers, a priest and some parishioners captive.  It is also reported that they have beheaded a police chief in the area.

The President of the Philippines has declared the whole of the island of Mindanao to be under martial law to handle this crisis and to prevent the spread of extremism in the region.