ACGC’s World Outreach office has an ongoing mission project list with needs from our outreach ministries. These special needs are items that will assist the outreach ministries, but are items that cannot be included in our mission budget due to budget constraints. Many AC churches, WHFMS groups and individuals will take on a mission project from the list in addition to their annual Penny Crusade giving.

A need for water purifier systems for each of the four leaders in Myanmar was placed on the mission project list in 2016 and several churches responded to the need. Funds were given to provide two of the four needed purifiers and were sent to the Myanmar Conference in early April. With each leader needing a purifier, the conference’s four leaders met and decided that Pastors Joseph and Kenneth would receive the two purifiers.

Please give thanks to the Lord for the gifts from the churches, which will enable those who live and minister on Pastor Joseph’s compound, including the 79 orphans and underprivileged children they care for, to have safe, clean water.
Pastor Joseph sent his thanks to the churches that have provided for his ministry – THE WORD MINISTRY – as follows…

“Donation of Dollars for Water Purifier.
We wish to acknowledge with thanks the thoughtful donation of US$1360 for a water purifier from you. Words cannot express our thanks and appreciation for the help extended to us for which we have nothing to give you in return, but to pray that the Almighty God will bless you all abundantly.
We are counting on God to work through you so we together can answer the call to the Myanmar church. May the Lord bless each of you for every prayer you pray and every seed you sow in us.