MYANMAR | More outreach by THE WORD MISSION – Pastor Joseph.

Pastor Joseph and his outreach team were only back at their base in Yangon from their trip to the Shan State for 8 days before they left again to take the Gospel to the people of the Rakhine State. He reported as follows…

Report for outreach of May

We started out trip to Rakhine State on 5 May, 2017 and it ended on 17 May 2017. I am excited to report you about how the Lord God moving on unreached people groups of Uppu and Dai. The trip was blessed by God and fruitful.

  1. How to go there: We go to Rakhine State by car. And after we go by motorcycle and then walk where motorcycle cannot go there. We cross mountain, hills and jungle then we reach where unreached people live.
  2. How to do outreach: We do outreach from village to village and preach the Word of God after house to house and after that person to person.
  3. How the Holy Ghost was moving: By God’s power we reached Uppu people for the Lord. We were very blessed with the hunger and thirst of these people for the Word of God.
  4. Praise the Lord with us:
    • We preach the gospel in Uppu and Dai village.
    • We preach the gospel to 50 Uppu people and 40 people have confessed Jesus as their Savior.e preach the gospel to 47 Dai people and 25 people have confessed Jesus as their Savior.
    • We preach the gospel to 47 Dai people and 25 people have confessed Jesus as their Savior.
    • Some people get healing by the power of the Holy Ghost.
    • We reached 7 village of Uppu and 2 village of Dai.
    • We have given 3000 gospel tracts to the people of Uppu, Dai and Burma.
  5. Hindrance for the gospel
    Some religious leader does not allow us to preach the Gospel where is so need for Hospel. People from Uppu village, they are not allow us to stay in their village. They hate Christian missionary.

Tonight 170000 of Uppu unreached people in Myanmar will go to bed hungry for food as well as redemption of God, salvation of God, love of God and life of life that we have in only in Jesus Christ. Your gift today to support The Word Mission will allow us to provide the gospel and meals to so many hungry survivor people of unreached and continue our work to bless the unreached people.

Prayer request and projects for Uppu People

  1. Please pray for our Uppu students that they will go to plant church in their village where there was no churches at all.
  2. Pray that more Uppu people will open their heart for Jesus.
  3. Pray that The Word Mission will reach more unreached people of Uppu in Uppu land.
  4. We need a cow field inside Uppu which is 3 acres big. For this cow field project – $2500.
  5. We need $100 for church planter (one family) in monthly support. Two family with their photos.
  6. We need $ 25 for monthly support for the children of Uppu people.

There is a great opportunity for us to show God’s love and His redemption to His people if we act right now. It is more important than ever that we do everything possible to bless, encourage, and help the unreached people. Together, we can help change that. Your prayer, your gift today will help us increase our efforts to feed hungry people during great time of need. Your gift of support today for The Word Mission is a vital witness of Christian love to the entire people of Uppu.
Today there are many unreached people cannot afford enough food to eat. I want to preach the salvation of Jesus as many people as possible, but we cannot do that without you.

Your support of The Word Mission today allows us to continue our work on Myanmar, to stand up and speak out for unreached people and to meet urgent humanitarian needs among the poor unreached people living in Myanmar.

May I challenge you today to take part be this opportunity to rise up and share God’s love and God’s redemption with those who are so desperately hurting. Together, we can change that pain into joy. The work that we are doing to bless the survivors in Myanmar is a testimony to the entire nation and word is spreading. With your help, we will be able to do even more to meet these urgent needs and bless unreached people.

Thank for your support.