College Director, Sister Nely Gamayon recently wrote…

“Greetings in the Most Precious Name of Jesus whom we both serve.

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness, guidance and protection. The school year 2016-2017 is almost over; we are just finishing up with our summer class offerings. Summer classes started in the first week of April, and last Friday Reniel and I finished our classes, A Gospel and Literatures of the World respectively. On Monday, I will start teaching The Humanities for 2 weeks; Reniel will continue with his COEMA pastors classes every Friday and Saturday, with Jessie also teaching Eschatology, and Billy teaching A New Testament Book Study. On the first through the second week of May, Jeff Vann will be teaching Church Leadership and Administration; and Penny will teach Theology 3 – Christology.

We would like to thank all our supporters in New Zealand. Your quick response to our cry for help during the recent flooding was really a comfort as well as encouragement to all of us here at OBC. Below are pictures of some of the office equipment and furniture replaced because these were destroyed by the flood. For the office of the director, a computer table and two rubber and steel chairs; a small table for the printer and a computer table for the registrar’s office; plastic containers for books for the office of the Dean of Field Education; A cabinet to keep important files, a computer table and small table for the printer and the office phone for the Finance office.

Here is the summary of how the funds we received was used:

  • Replacing office furniture and equipment
  • Medicine and check-up of students and faculty/staff
  • Disinfectants, spray for termites, soap and other stuff
  • Food for the students who did the cleaning and disinfecting
  • Carpentry and electrical repairs

Thank you very much for your help. The termites on the first floor went up to the second floor after the flood. Towards the end of the semester we are afraid to use the chapel because of the many holes on the floor. The flood washed away the sand and gravel at the inner portion of the entrance to the college. When it rains, the children, students and faculty find it difficult to pass through because of the mud and muddy water. We hope this will be concreted before classes in June starts. Another problem that we have is the septic tank of the administration building. When water from the street entered into the campus through the canal, water filled up the septic tank and caused the dirty water from the septic to come out into the hallway of the building into the classrooms and offices. Now it has left a very bad smell that even the OBC neighbour is complaining. This tank needs to be siphoned as soon as possible. Please continue to pray for us because flooding is now a big problem of OBC like the rest of the city.”

Sister Nely advises that there are still some items which need to be replaced, including 5 tables that were damaged by the flood and then eaten by the termites after the flood (!!) and an outside door which was standing in the flood waters for a long time and has subsequently been “slowly eaten by pinhole borers” in February!! Please continue to pray that the Lord will provide for these important needs.

Sister Nely continued…

“Regardless of the calamity that we went through we are still joyful in the Lord and praise Him for His majesty and faithfulness. We were able to finish the semester and held our comprehensive and oral examinations for the graduating class for the AB Theology; the preschool and college graduation. We held our anointing and commissioning ceremonies at the Blessed Hope Christian Church with the invitation of the father of one of our graduates, Joshua T. Udang. Blessed Hope is an independent church but a big one in Cagayan de Oro. Bishop Genesis Udang is the Senior Pastor and his eldest son was one of our graduates.

Thirteen children graduated from OBC preschool this year. One of them, 4th boy from the left (first picture) is Reniel’s son Elisha Grant. Perlita P. Comajig, an alumni of OBC was the graduation speaker.

The sanctuary of the Blessed Hope Church where we held our anointing and commissioning. Five young men (third year) were commissioned this year to do their internship for the first semester of school year 2017-2018. Three are Advent Christians and two come from independent Pentecostal churches in Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental.

Seven fourth year students were commissioned to go out into the world and preach the Gospel.  From the left: Joshua T. Udang from Blessed Hope Church, Eric Evasco from Presbyterian Church, Cavite City, Charmina D. Takiang from Mindagat Advent Christian Church- Bukidnon, Sarah Tuico from Mt. Olive Church Pangantucan Bukidnon, Gaylie Morala from an independent church in Cagayan de Oro, Fernando Relatado pastor of Lord Jesus our Redeemer Church, Carmen Cagayan de Oro, Joey Enanoria of Talakag Baptist Church, Bukidnon.

The graduates of school year 2016-2017 (front row) and OBC faculty and staff.