MALAYSIA | Praises to God and Prayer Items.

Sister Ruth recently wrote as follows…

Thank you so much for standing in the gap with us and for the people we are praying for.
Your prayers have blessed us in many wonderful ways. We appreciate your prayers.

  1. Wilfred’s friend has been touched by God’s grace to bear the pain of the loss of his dear wife. He has found God working in his situation and God’s healing upon his life and his two children. God’s peace reigns over him and his family.
  2. We want to thank God and give Him all the Glory for taking us through our ups and downs during the year 2016.
  3. We want to praise God for friends who called up to share how God intervened into their most difficult and sticky situations. The Word of God that was shared to them brought them strength to rely upon Him.
  4. A friend of ours who is a young professional, shared how her daughter went through a rough time in her marriage. God has healed her. She is now more confident and able to handle her situation with God’s strength and encouragement from His Word.


  1. Pray for our friends who are taking care of their aged parents, that they will be strengthened by the Word of God, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.
  2. Pray for parents with teenage children, for God’s wisdom to be upon them so that they will be able to train them in the right way, with the foundation of God’s Word instilled in them.

As prayer partners, you are part of the blessings we are experiencing over here.

From: Ruth Devairakkam
Kluang, Malaysia.”

Please continue to support the ministry of Ruth and Wilfred and their group with your prayers.