image001OBC Director, Sister Nely Gamayon, recently sent this report…

“This semester there are 11 students on campus, 7 who are in their internship and will be back on the last week of October, and 13 pastors from the Cagayan de Oro Evangelical Ministers Association (COEMA) who are taking AB Theology through special schedule of classes.

We also had 13 students who took the Certificate Program of Theological and Biblical Studies; but they did not enroll this semester.

We just celebrated our 46th Foundation Day and it was well participated by pupils and parents of the Kindergarten, the Alumni and AB Students. Here is a picture of the COEMA pastors who are taking classes with us. These students are already pastoring in various churches in the city of Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental; but since they do not have a degree in Theology, through the association they came to OBC.


Our students, faculty and staff minister to people in need and even during grief because of death in the family, we make ourselves available to comfort them and to share to them the Word of God. In one the funeral services that the college attended and ministered unto this semester, our students sang songs of comfort for the bereaved family and Pastor Jess preached the Word.

During Sundays, our students also serve God by ministering to the various churches that they are assigned for their Ministry Skills. Here’s one third year student teaching Sunday School at Maranatha Bible Church Cagayan.image007

OBC had also been requested by one of the Barangays of Cagayan de Oro; Kauswagan Barangay through their “Lupong Tagapamayapa” the peace-keeping arm of the Barangay, to host a seminar on “Counseling Families with Problems.”

Students sang a special message in song at the opening ceremonies of the said seminar. We are glad that we can reach out to the community through the ministries that we can do to them. There are many families and individuals needing to be ministered unto and preached with the gospel. They need salvation. OBC is happy to be of service anytime.


The said seminar is the beginning of a relationship established with us and the community. The head of the barangay expressed desire for the succeeding sessions of seminar and workshop and even training for their barangay officials and peace-keeping corps.

Thank you very much for your continued support to OBC. Your support goes a long way in assisting students in their need to pay their school bill through the work for tuition program and contribution towards their food through the work for food program. Thank you also for your prayers. These programs are under our Blessing Fund item.

Your Co-laborer in the Lord’s Vineyard,
Sister Nely”

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