MALAYSIA | Kluang – Praises to God for Answered Prayer & a Prayer Request

Ruth and WilfredSister Ruth recently wrote…

“Thank you so much for your fervent prayers for us and the contacts we reach out to, who are transformed and touched by our Father’s love. You are part of the blessings we are experiencing in Malaysia.

1. Our contact who was delivered from committing suicide, is now knowing more of Him and sharing God’s love to her colleagues and friends. Her heart has become tender and teachable by God’s inward peace and harmony. She is knowing His presence, His care and love through His abiding and living Word. The fire of God is consuming the old nature and renewing her mind with His Word. Glory to His Name.
2. Another friend of ours has been released from a strong evil influence upon her life. All the strong negative desires and obsession in her has been removed by the grace of the Lord. She is now very dependent on God and relies on His Word and sees Him as the most needed person to seek. Praise God, for His mercy endures forever.
3. Our contact who was going through a painful divorce, shared how our prayers have sustained her and she is now able, with new strength and ability to face the challenges in her life. She is surrounded by good and caring friends at her work place. She always keeps in touch with us. We praise God for He is good.

Please pray for my husband Wilfred’s friend who lost his wife two months ago. He met up with Wilfred to share his grief and pain. Pray that God’s Word that was shared to him will console and strengthen him. He will be meeting up again with Wilfred soon. Pray that the love of God will bring him inner peace and strength to face all that he is going through, and that God will guide and lead him for directions and answers that he needs most right now.”

Please continue to support Ruth and Wilfred and their AC group with your regular prayers.

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