MYANMAR | Children return to school – Part 2

myanmar tagWhen he wrote to thank us for a recent remittance sent to the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar to assist them with getting their 271 children back to school, Pastor Timothy was able to update us in regard to some of the older children in his family and his extended family.[clear]

The children were thrilled to receive their new school uniforms and were pleased to wear them on their first day back at school!

Timothy’s older son (second from left in the back row) passed his matriculation exam in June, and will begin university studies later this year and his elder sister (at left in back row) will begin her third year at university at the same time. Their second daughter (third from left in back row) is in matriculation class this year. Four of the orphans which Timothy and his family care for are also in matriculation class this year.

He wrote as follows…

“Please pray for our matriculation students. Matriculation class is a very important class. This year only 29% of students passed matriculation class in our country.”