image001Pastor Roy Rocha reports…

“New Life in Christ Ministry.

We are so thankful to our God for all your prayers and encouragement to our ministry. We just concluded our Vacation Bible School last Sunday, May 29, 2016. Our theme was ‘Athletics’- finish the race. This year, the VBS was held in a small basketball court by the river. 50 kids were registered for the 4 days event, May 23-26, 2016 and the 5th day was held in the church for the awarding and recognition. Heavy rain during night time became a challenge that we change venues each day. From the basketball court, then on the next day to church, the next day back to the court. Our staff, the youth, and the teachers were really challenged to adjust carrying chairs, tables, sound system, and teaching materials. But, the joy of serving kept us moving.

The VBS also became a FEEDING Program. Nutritious food was served instead of just regular biscuit and juice. Parents in the community gave us encouragement words. The impact was great and God glorifying! During the recognition, besides of food and candies as prizes, we were able to give some school supplies to the selected students. Classes start on the 2nd week of June.
Because of the success of our VBS program, we at New Life are planning and praying that we will continue with our children’s ministry by the reaching the kids in our community through feeding and sharing of school supplies. May you pray with us for this plan.

This May 30-June 1, the youth is having a Mini- Retreat in our church. For the program is only every night. This is a sort of spiritual preparation before the school starts. Again, thank you for your support and prayers!”

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