myanmar tagAdvent Christian Conference of Myanmar leaders have for several months been telling us of unusually hot weather being experienced. In early April ACCM President Pastor Timothy advised that the country was then experiencing its hottest summer season for many, many years and the government was very concerned about the shortage of water which was already being experienced. At that time already 1,760 villages throughout the country were facing severe shortages of water and it was expected that by April and May the entire country would be in a similar situation.

In mid-May Pastor Kenneth confirmed that the situation had indeed deteriorated when he reported…

“This year the summer in Myanmar is too hot and it is up to 40 Centigrade degrees in Yangon. Our city electricity also not working some times. In some areas there in a heavy rain with hails and some were killed and some houses were destroyed. Because of dry and warm extreme climate three villages of my Church have no water to drink. Please pray for this natural disaster in Myanmar, especially in our Mission fields.”

Pastor Kenneth has this week reported that three of the villages in which his organisation has planted churches are in a desperate situation as far as water supply is concerned – Watkaw Village, Okshitgon Village and Padan Town.

Back in 2010/2011, when Myanmar faced a similar serious water supply problem, we were able, by God’s grace, to assist them with funds for bore-wells for some of their pastors or church members and this not only assisted their church members but also allowed them to reach out in Christian love to share their water supply with others in the areas in which they live and minister.
I have asked Pastor Kenneth for details of costs etc. and he has advised that the average cost of drilling a bore-well is around 745,000 Myanmar kyats, which is about NZ$940 or US$650. This would provide a well with above-ground equipment to enable it to be used where there is no electricity available or with a generator to supply electricity, and he assures me that their Christian workers would be delighted to share the water with all the people in their villages.

Will you please pray that the Lord will once again provide for this serious need? If you or your church feel led to contribute to the provision of wells for the outreaches of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar’s member organisations, please contact our treasurer. (Link here please to Become a Support Partner page).