THAILAND | Christian Mission Leader needs prayer

image001This is Chotika D. Pimsri, otherwise known as Ploy, who leads the team of eight young ladies who do a wonderful job of serving the Lord with the planning and leading of Sunday services, teaching the children in Sunday School and learning English and many other important duties to assist with the ministries at Christian Mission Naratchakwai.

Ploy graduated from high school at the end of the last Thai academic year and will begin studying an English major course at Nakhon Phanom University in August of this year. Her leadership of the team, assisted by Parn, is critical to the smooth running of the ministries at CMN and she carries a great deal of responsibility and sometimes considerable pressure.

We learned late last week that Ploy is unwell and for some time has had a history of syncope – temporary loss of consciousness caused by a fall in blood pressure – fainting, and has been hospitalised in the past because of this problem. She has been experiencing these symptoms again recently and has had to again consult a doctor who has prescribed a course of medication for six months. There is a suggestion of incorrect cardiac rhythm and we are endeavouring to convince Ploy to see a specialist Cardiologist as soon as possible.

Will you please pray regularly for Ploy and her family, and for Maeo who will be keeping an eye on her, asking the Lord that it may be His will that Ploy can be quickly returned to ongoing good health and that her dedicated service for the Lord and her education can continue.