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image001 [1]Pastor Roy Rocha recently wrote as follows….

“At this moment of our lives as a family, there are two things that we are really THANKFUL to our great, mighty, and faithful GOD!
First, we, as a family serve the Lord in an office named “World Class Bible Study Fellowship. (See picture below)image002
Eight years passed, we’ve seen the fruit of our labor. I always bring my family with me or at least any one among them available. This World class bible study becomes a routine for us every Friday afternoon. My kids witnessed how the people have grown in their personal relationship with our Lord. Some of the bible study members have gone to abroad; some transferred to other company, yet they remained true Disciples of Christ. The one who is now working in Qatar UAE became a bible school student and serves the church there. They (my kids) even developed close friendship to some of them. The “world class family” also witnessed how family grown and matured especially my kids. So, for the 8 years, to God be all the glory!


During our 8th year anniversary celebration @ beach

2nd best thing I do like to give thanks to the Lord is his faithfulness to US! Llerma and I are so… grateful to our God for his loving-kindness by day and faithfulness by night! Our Son Jojo, is graduating from College tomorrow, April 29, 2016.There’s no exact words on how we could express our thankfulness to HIM for helping us and guiding us in raising our son spiritually, academically, and become the person he is now. It was all and will always be because by his grace!
We are also thankful to our God for your partnership to us through prayers and financial support.

2. Philippines Presidential Election: May 9, 2016
3. DVBS-on May 16-21, 2016 – to be held in community.”