INDIA | YESUWAY JEEVAN MISSION’S Ministry partner – Prayer request for Pastor Balu Nayak’s wife and premature child

image001At right is a picture, taken in 2013, of Rev. Balu Nayak and his wife Swama Latha and daughter Sowmya. Rev. Balunayak is leader of the Balunayak Banjara Tribal Ministries in Mahabubabad in Andhra Pradesh State.

Rev Balu Nayak advised Mission Manager Immanuel on Saturday evening, 21 May, that his wife had been admitted to hospital and had delivered a premature baby (7 months) which weighed only 1.5 kg.

Please pray for Mother and baby, and of course for Rev. Balu Nayak, asking that the Lord will guide and bless those caring for Swama Latha and her child and that it may be His will that the little one will survive and quickly grow to full health and strength.