PHILIPPINES | ORO BIBLE COLLEGE – Praise the Lord for repairs


Over the last several weeks, some significant repairs have been done to some of the college buildings and facilities. Oro Bible College’s Director, Dr. Nely Gamayon sent notification last week that the following repairs had been completed:
Repairs to the Preschool Facility: replacement of the roof, replacement of the ceiling and support frame, completion of the dividing wall between the two classrooms, removal and replacement of preschool restroom roof, installation of two new doors for the restroom, painting of the metal grill, installation of a concrete walkway around the building and a concrete walkway to the restroom, painting and sealing of roof, ceiling and walls, and electrical repairs. After the scheduled two-week break in which the repairs were done, the preschool students returned to a newly renovated facility.


Repairs to the Boy’s Dorm: replacement of the kitchen roof and ceiling, painting of the ceiling, addition of a roof extension, sealing portions of the roof, replacement of a step on the wooden staircase, and electrical repairs.

Repairs to the Academic Building: replacement of gutters on two sides of the building, and sealing the entire roof.

In addition, the main gate at the entrance to the campus was repainted and repairs were made to other essential equipment. Ten students were employed to do painting and help with the repair work. The payment they received was used to pay for their retreat fees, any remaining balance of tuition and fees, and for second semester (November – March) needs.

Please thank the Lord with the team at OBC for the provision of the funds which enabled this much needed work to be carried out.

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