Please pray for the faculty, staff and leaders of the college as they work to prepare a program that will offer a Certificate in Biblical Studies. This is in response to a number of church groups that have requested special training.

Please pray for the faculty, staff and students at Oro Bible College as a new semester of study is beginning. Pray for perseverance and faithfulness to the educational ministry of the college.

Please pray for the four fourth-year seniors as they enter their final, and most intense, semester of study. They are: Ericson Bucio (from the Advent Christian Church in Candijay, Bohol); El Mark O. Compra (from the Patrocenio Advent Christian Church in Claveria); Jenilyn Dilag (from Mindagat Advent Christian Church in Malitbog); and Ailyn Khor Lanat (from Pangantucan, Bukidnon).

Please pray for full-time faculty member and Dean of Spiritual Life Reniel Comajeg, as he is dealing with difficult health problems.

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