MYANMAR | Storm damage continues to take its toll!

Further to his earlier reports, Pastor Timothy, has today (31 July) reported as follows:

“The storm is more than one week now and stronger. The damage is also more and more. Now the storm is in Rakhine State and in Chin state. Hakha {Timothy’s wife’s home village} is the worst place. More than 60 houses were fallen down. Many houses were affected now.

I am very worried for 3 houses of our Church {members}, these 3 houses were affected. If storm continue their houses will fall dawn. Two houses are 3 floors each and another one is four floors.

My home church sent 200000 ks for rice for poor Church {members}. In Yangon one bag is only 16000 ks but in Hakha one bag is 50000 ks now.”

{Ks stands for kyats, the unit of currency in Myanmar. The exchange rate is presently about 760 kyats to NZ$1 and about 1,170 kyats to US$1. Thus the cost of one bag of rice in Yangon is about NZ$21 or US$14, but in the area most affected by the storm is about NZ$65 or US$43. Ernie Schache}

Pastor David has also reported as follows in regard to the situation in Yangon, where his church, Bible College and the 96 orphans they care for are based…

“Greetings and this is our prayer request for our country. Heavy rain over one week and now everywhere in Yangon and around our country is water flooded. Pray for us as many people become sick now. I am also very sick, some of children are sick, Bible School students are sick.
Please remember in your prayer for us.

Please continue to pray for the people of this land, where there seems always to be some kind of disaster or difficulty causing great concern and hardship for its people.

Please pray especially for our brothers and sisters who are members of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, and for their loved ones who are suffering in other parts of the country.

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