Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand | John Middlewood

Please pray for John Middlewood who is seriously ill in the University hospital in Khon Kaen, about four hours drive from Nakhon Phanom. He was to have had a second biopsy for suspected cancer in his right lung on Monday 13 October but was transferred by ambulance to the hospital earlier in the weekend of 11/12 October when his overall situation deteriorated. The latest information we have is that he is on life support in an Intensive Care Unit and that he has “cancer right through his body”. His responsiveness varies and he is being fed tubally.

Please also pray for his wife, Maeo, who is in Khon Kaen and is visiting him as the hospital allows. Please also pray for John’s daughter, Margaret and his sister Esther, both of whom are in the United States. These three ladies are very naturally very concerned.

Thank the Lord and pray for an American friend from Florida – Ed Miller – who spends about six months each year living near to the Mission and is presently there and who is liaising with Maeo and keeping in contact with John’s daughter and sister in the United States and others.

Please thank the Lord and pray for the four young ladies at the Christian Mission – Bee, Ploy, Parn and Lita – who over the past few weeks as John’s health has deteriorated have stepped forward to take over the planning and organising and running all the ministries and the Sunday service at the Mission. They are doing this in addition to their school, university and work responsibilities. Pray for physical and spiritual strength for them all.

Pray also thank the Lord and pray for Dtee, Maeo’s brother, who is attending to the many practical matters, including driving, at the Mission.

Please also thank the Lord and pray for Pastor Boonta, who has stepped up to take over all the preaching and visiting responsibilities at the Mission. Pastor Boonta has serious responsibilities at present with his own sick wife Phon but has readily agreed to assist the Mission in this way.

Please pray that all these folk may know the peace and power and presence of the Lord.


  1. My church, tho I am far away this time overseeing shelter project for TS Haiyan survivors, is on chain prayers especially for John and CMN.

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