Thailand | Prayer for John Update

Please pray for John Middlewood and his wife Maeo at Christian Mission Naratchakwai at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.
They are waiting for the results from Khon Kaen of a biopsy taken from a lung on 2 September and for details of a proposed treatment regime.

However, the situation worsened yesterday – 11 September – John wrote as follows…

“Didn’t think things could change so much in 12 hours, but they really can. Got up this morning and as I was getting dressed, there was a loud crack and terrible pain in my left shoulder. Got into the hospital and this time made the orthopedic surgeon order an x-ray. He did an x-ray and seems as though I have fractures in both shoulders caused by cancer. He has said it is stage 4 and if not treated I may have a year. If treated he doesn’t know how long. I was told nothing could be done and was given morphine to take.

Tomorrow morning, at about 3 am we make the trip back to Khon Kaen. The oncologist… told me to be at the hospital first thing on Friday morning and she will get the orthopedic surgeon there to take a look.

Hope to be back here Sunday afternoon. I am starting to have a small understanding of what Job felt like.”

Please be in regular prayer for John and Maeo, seeking a miracle of quick and complete healing if that is the Lord’s will, and for peace for them both.

Pray too for the rest of the ministry team at CMN and for the doctors and technicians working with and for John.


  1. Kimoln Nicolaides says


    Just sent a prayer up for you and the team.


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