Thailand | Pray for John | Update

An update from John below. Please continue to pray.

Departed Nakhon Phanom at 2:30 am and arrived in Khon Kaen about 7 am. Checked in to the hospital, ate breakfast and waited for the doctor. She arrived at 9:30 am. She wanted a biopsy, so I was sent to the surgical clinic. Waited there until almost 11:30 am  and got a student doctor. He was very impressive and good. He first did a needle biopsy and was not happy with the results, so scheduled me for minor surgery to have a bigger piece of tissue cut out. Started the biopsy at about 1:30 pm and finished about 2:30 pm. At 3:00 pm we were on the way back home and got here at about 7:30 pm. So, about 8 or so hours traveling, another 4 or 5 hours waiting, and everything was finished.

The oncologist – the same one I had for my last two rounds with cancer, is pretty certain that it is malignant. We have an appointment on October 8 to get the results and plan the next step.

I appreciate your continued prayers for me and Maeo also.

It is in God’s hands and we will accept his decision whatever it may be.

God Bless, John


  1. We have you John and Maeo in our daily family altar.

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