Thailand | John’s Prayer Items | Medical Update 26th September

Thailand tagGreetings from Thailand. For those of you praying, here is the update.

Two major prayers:

First, Boonta and his family. God enabled us to take Boonta’s wife, Phon, to Khon Kaen with us. “Somehow” we both had appointments the same day.  Phon has greatly improved, but is not out of the woods by any means yet. Sunday afternoon they will all go to Khon Kaen for further tests and surgery. We don’t know how long she will be there yet. Pray God will continue to answer our prayers for healing, and that God will provide financial support for them. Pray for Bo, that God will give her the strength she needs to deal with all the changes.  It is amazing; these two are two of my greatest prayer warriors for me too.

Latest on John: Up at 2 am and on the road at 3 am; arrived in Khon Kaen at 7:30 am. God our line number for x-rays and was finished by 8:30 am. To the orthopedic clinic and 8:30 am and waited until 11:30 am for the intern to show up. He gave us about 5 minutes and then we were on our way again. We got safely back to Nakhon Phanom at about 6:30 pm. Thanks and praise God for another safe trip.

Scorecard to date: God is the winner.

Answered prayer:

  • Two fractured clavicles healing nicely without any medical help.
  • You already know the first prayer for the negative biopsy was answered.
  • Bone scan – all negative as far as cancer. Confirmed the two fractures, degenerative arthritis (known that for 20 years).

Monday, John is back to Khon Kaen again to be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday for blood work and another biopsy, pray for the right place this time, and then a 2 week wait for the results, so there probably will be no more news about John until after the middle of October.

Continue prayers for Maeo. She is under more stress than John and she is picking up a lot of extra work in all of this.

Pray for the Girls: Bee, Parn, Ploy and Lita as they continue to do unbelievable amounts of work to keep the Christian Mission going.

Prayers are being answered – little ones and big ones all of the time.

We are blessed by God to have so many people praying for us and it is needed and appreciated.

May God Bless and keep all in his love and know that you are all loved by us.

John and Maeo


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