New Philippines FLAGTAGFifty-eight (58) participants representing (13) local congregations comprising the Claveria District of Advent Christian Churches have come together to attend the first Cell Group Leaders Forum on July 4-5, 2014 held at Claveria, Misamis Oriental.

This is conducted in view of reinforcing the implementation of the disciple-making concept dubbed as BPACCI Intensified Cell Group Strategy. It is focused towards empowering each of the cell group leaders particularly in understanding the “small group” and its impact to disciple-making.

There are two governing principles which guided the presentation on “Understanding the Small Group”. First, is the belief that getting things done always requires understanding on how things are done. This is seen on how the Lord Jesus spent sufficient time with his followers calling them through an “on the job training” before requiring them to perform the task by themselves.

Second, is the fact that doing the ministry the Lord’s way ensures a profitable outcome. The Lord expects to see a worldwide impact when he entrusts us the ministry. To warrant its fulfillment, we have to do it in a manner he wanted it done.

The event was also highlighted with a presentation of a “one verse method” of witnessing compiled by Bro. Rucky Pallo (pictured below) using John 3:16 as sole Scripture.







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