Philippines | TYPHOON ‘GLENDA’


Pastor Roy Rocha reports as follows and asks for prayer for his church members…

July 16, 2014, Metro Manila was under signal number 2 due to a Typhoon locally known as ‘GLENDA’. School classes and government offices were suspended.

Strong winds and heavy rain caused some areas of Manila to flood and most trees were uprooted and fell on the streets. These caused black outs to the entire city of Manila. 20 casualties were reported.
We were ready to evacuate as the water in the river began to rise. We were glad that it did not come to the point to flood our area. But the strong winds caused 3 houses among my church members ended being roofless. Their entire roof was swiftly swept away and they were wet all day. Thankfully no one was hurt.
At the back of the church, a mango tree fell and almost hit our church, thankfully nothing much was damaged.
Please Pray:

  • For our safety, another typhoon is coming
  • For the family that lost their roof. Pray that even if they are roofless, they will not be hopeless.”


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