tag_india_paulIn our item dated 27 September 2013 we set out details of the position that Pastor Paul Sunder Raj, as Principal of St Xavier’s High School in Khagaria, Bihar was facing. Please refresh your memory:  St Xavier’s High School

Thank you for praying – although the problem has not been completely resolved, some significant progress has been made. We write to outline the present situation and to ask that you continue to bring this matter to the Lord in prayer on a regular basis please.


St Xavier’s High School, together with other private schools in the area, are to approach the government to ask for a year’s postponement of their edict that schools which do not meet their requirements as far as land areas and facilities by 31 April 2014 will be compulsorily closed. They will make this request on the basis that they have located suitable land and are in the process of trying to meet the government’s requirements.
Please pray for this matter specifically, asking the Lord that it may be His will that this postponement will be granted.

image005Brother Paul Sunder Raj has located a very suitable piece of land, which is just 1.5 kilometres away from their present site – see map to the right. The land is 1.57 acres in area and has been on the market for a very high price. Negotiations with the owners have brought agreement from them to sell the land at a much reduced price of 1 crore rupees – 10 million rupees, which is about NZ$193,000 (US$162,000). The school  is seeking to be able to pay a deposit of half the sale price (50 lakhs rupees or NZ$97,000) as soon as possible.
Please pray for this matter specifically, asking that it may be the Lord’s will that they be able to raise the balance of the deposit and then the rest of the amount to close the sale.

Unfortunately, because of their financial situation, the Advent Christian Conference of India, who are the owners of the school have not been able to give the school or the outreach team in Bihar much financial support in recent times. It is Pastor Paul’s intention to spend his summer holidays (May) back in his home town of Chennai speaking to individuals and ACCI churches seeking donations towards the amount needed to purchase the land and then to build suitable and acceptable buildings on the property once it has been purchased. He will stress the fact that the school and its reputation and standing in the community in Khagaria is a major reason for the success of their spiritual ministry – in fact it is probably the single most important “bridge” into the community for the outreach team.
Please pray for this matter specifically, asking the Lord that He will touch the hearts of many individuals and church boards to give generously in response to Brother Paul’s requests

Over recent years a significant number of churches and individuals in Chennai have recognised the value of the outreach work being carried out in Khagaria and the value of the school to that ministry, and have assisted the ministry and the school financially and by sending teams to do practical work and to join in various ministries.
Please thank the Lord for these contributions and pray for specifically that these churches and others may encourage Brother Paul and his team by offering their support both practically and financially.
(Ernie Schache)


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