As part of the practical training for OBC students, the Field Education Department carries out church planting ministries with Bible studies and children’s ministry. OBC faculty members, with students, lead Bible Studies for adults and teach children in the community.

The children’s ministry, held in two areas of the Buena Oro Barangay of Cagayan de Oro City presently has about 65 children attending the classes. OBC is very grateful for a local family which has been willing to sacrificially make alterations to their home to accommodate the adults, children and OBC students each week.

Following the classes and activities, the OBC students prepare food for the children to eat.

OBC Director Sister Nely Gamayon has indicated that the ministry would benefit greatly from the provision of a custom made “tent” or tarpaulin to provide shade for the children in hot weather and protection from the rain when that occurs. It would also be helpful to have some small, plastic chairs for the younger children to sit on rather than on the ground or floor as they presently have to. They would also welcome financial assistance towards the cost of the food for the children, to supplement the contributions made by the students involved in the ministry.

Please pray for these ministries and in particular for faculty members Pastor Reniel Comajeg and Pastor Billy Comahig who lead them and the first year students who assist them.

Please thank the Lord for and pray for the family which hosts the ministry – they are harassed by defenders of the Catholic faith in the area because they make their home available for Christian activities.

Please pray that the Lord will provide the necessary practical equipment to make the ministry easier for all concerned – perhaps you or your family or your church would like to assist with gifts to send to OBC for the following items – we would be very pleased to receive gifts for one chair at a time!

  • A  custom-made tent/tarpaulin for shelter – 12,000 pesos – NZ$335
  • 60 plastic chairs for small children @ 23 pesos each – NZ$5.50
  • Food for the children after each session – 2,500 pesos per month – NZ$70

If you, your family, group or church would like to make a contribution towards CHILDREN’S OUTREACH MINISTRY by Oro Bible College,  please use one of the following options:

INTERNET/DIRECT BANKING: Advent Christian Mission NZ Trust  12 3051 0431074 00
Reference deposits with YOUR NAME and key word CHILDREN and  send an email to

POSTAL/CHEQUES/OTHER: Advent Christian Missions New Zealand PO Box 202162 | Southgate | Takanini 2246 | Auckland | New Zealand
or contact our treasurer: Glenise Burge by email or phone            09-298 7490
ACMissioNZ passes on 100% of donations given to the causes we promote.

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