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Praise the Lord with us that ACGC in the United States was recently able to send a number of TREASURES to India for some of our ministry partners. The TREASURE is a solar powered, solid state digital audio player developed by an American organisation – WORLD MISSION – with which ACGC’s International Missions Department partners. […]

Latest News

INDIA | Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner | Pastor Pani in Odisha

Pastor Pani has written as follows about another of his mission fields, which he visited in mid-February“This is a prayer cell group in a tribal area. The mission field’s name is Gandhichowk.  The total ministry field believers here are more than twenty-six (26) that is including … [Read More...]

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MYANMAR | Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar | THE WORD MISSION

My apologies for the lateness of this report, which was received from Pastor Joseph at the end of January. Please rejoice and thank the Lord for the activities of Pastor Joseph and his team both in … [Read More...]

INDIA | Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner – Pastor Ahaj Kumar Pani in ODISHA

Pastor Pani has sent some very interesting information about his State and his ministry. He wrote…“Over 49 million people live in our State which is India’s seventh largest state. It has 30 … [Read More...]

INDIA | Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner – Pastor Ahaj Kumar Pani in ODISHA

Arranged marriages are still very common in India, and in the case of Christian marriages the Pastor often acts as a “marriage broker” between the families. Pastor Pani has sent details and pictures … [Read More...]

Christian Mission Naratchakwai Thailand, February 28th Newsletter

Hello everyone, greetings from Nakhon Phanom, the most beautiful province in Thailand... no it's not. There are a lot of beautiful places in Thailand but Nakhon Phanom is one of them.This is our … [Read More...]

INDIA | “Feeding the poor” ministries – ACGC’s BREAD of LIFE project.

Yesuway Jeevan Mission was able, because of continuing generous gifts from the members of the Advent Christian churches in the United States through their “BREAD of LIFE” program, to distribute … [Read More...]

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Prayer Requests

INDIA | YJM Ministry Partner Rev Balu Nayak in Telengana State

Please pray for Rev. Balu Nayak, who was hit from behind by a car whilst riding his motorcycle on … [Read More...]

MYANMAR | The present political situation | PLEASE PRAY

Please pray regularly for Myanmar; for the political situation and for the ministries of the … [Read More...]


Please pray for Raja, the Mission's driver for 20 years, and for his family.Through an … [Read More...]


Pastor Billy Comahig, one of the lecturers at OBC has sent the following message to us, asking that … [Read More...]

THAILAND | Christian Mission Naratchakwai

Please pray for Maeo, who was absent from Sunday’s services and activities.The message we have … [Read More...]

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