MYANMAR | Update from Pastor Kenneth

Update from Pastor Kenneth – President of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar In answer to a recent enquiry concerning whether the very difficult situation in the Myanmar State of Rakhine, with hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing as refugees to neighbouring Bangladesh, had impacted the outreach ministries of the ACCM in that State, Pastor […]


Pastor Timothy recently advised that he had visited his church in his home town of Hakha City, in the Chin State, and visited land which he owns there. He is very pleased as “a big new road is crossing in front of my land. God prepares good land for His kingdom.” Whilst he was there […]

MYANMAR – Advent Christian Church of Myanmar’s ministries

Last month (June), Pastor Timothy wrote as follows…: “Greetings to you in name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We praise God for your prayer help and support all the time. In May, our youth group and I had outreach work at four places. Two places in Delta areas: Twin Htemyo and Maopinmyo (200 persons). The […]

MYANMAR | Cyclone causes damage to many houses of ACCM members

In mid-April, a cyclone – Cyclone Maarutha – made landfall on the south-west of Myanmar. It came ashore from the Indian Ocean at the Irrawaddy River Delta, travelled over Yangon and headed north to the country’s capital Nay Pyi Taw. It brought winds of up to 100 kilometres per hour and very heavy rain for […]

MYANMAR | More outreach by THE WORD MISSION – Pastor Joseph.

Pastor Joseph and his outreach team were only back at their base in Yangon from their trip to the Shan State for 8 days before they left again to take the Gospel to the people of the Rakhine State. He reported as follows… Report for outreach of May We started out trip to Rakhine State […]


ACGC’s World Outreach office has an ongoing mission project list with needs from our outreach ministries. These special needs are items that will assist the outreach ministries, but are items that cannot be included in our mission budget due to budget constraints. Many AC churches, WHFMS groups and individuals will take on a mission project from […]

MYANMAR – OUTREACH by a team from THE WORD MISSION – Pastor Joseph

Pastor Joseph, the leader of The Word Mission and one of the leaders of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, accompanied by five other members of his organisation, left Yangon on 5 April to take the Gospel to unreached areas of the Shan State. They returned on 25 April, and Pastor Joseph has sent the […]

MYANMAR – Advent Christian Church of Myanmar outreach

Pastor Timothy, leader of this group which is part of the Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar, has advised us that he and two other workers will be visiting the Chin State and the Sagaing Division in the north-west of the country from 15 to 30 April to visit existing churches and to share the Gospel […]

MYANMAR – ADVENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH of MYANMAR trains its church planters

Pastor Timothy has sent news of a recent training session for his group’s church planters. He wrote… “I am sending to you some pictures of our Church planters and their wives at one day training at my home Church on Tues 28 March 2017. I also send a picture of Lydia our church planter at […]

MYANMAR – Pastor Kei Sum – new converts to Christianity

ACCM leader Pastor Timothy reports that one of his organisation’s pastors – Pastor Kei Sum (pictured with his family) has had the joy of bringing two ladies from Buddhist backgrounds into the family of God. He wrote… “Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We praise God and thanks for your […]